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  FYST16/FYS246: Modern Subatomic Physics, 7.5p ECTS

Student projects

The project list below may be updated with new projects and ideas from the participants are also welcome, but these should be realistic and possible to finish within the allotted time period! Master program and graduate students should remember that you are not allowed to choose a topic which is close to your field of study! Please choose three topics, order them by preference and hand in the list May 7. The projects will be distributed on the basis of these preferences.

High energy and the quark gluon plasma
HE-1 The time projection chamber: a sophisticated device for tracking and particle identification.
HE-2 Supression of jets in heavy ion reactions at ALICE: results and interpretations.
HE-3 Recent results from the ALICE experiment.
HE-4 Calorimetric measurements in high-energy experiments.

Nuclear physics
NS-1 AGATA - Advanced GAmma Tracking Array.
NS-2 Superheavy elements.
NS-3 Simulations.

Nuclear astrophysics and fundamental aspects
NS-4 Nuclear astrophysics, measurements in the laboratory and in space.
NS-5 The CKM matrix: how are its elements measured?
NS-6 The ESSnuSB project and long baseline neutrino measurements.

ESS and neutron physics
NES-1 Design of the ESS target and production of cold neutrons
NES-2 Neutron guides, shielding and an example of a neutron scattering experiment
NES-3 Neutron detection, established techniques and new developments


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