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  FYS246/FYST16: Modern Subatomic Physics, 7.5p ECTS

Schedule for LP4, VT2017

The introductory meeting takes place 28/03-2017 at 13:15 in B113.

For now a preliminary schedule for spring 2017 is suggested below.

If you have problems with a date/time, do not hesitate to bring this up at the lectures or e-mail the course coordinator Joakim Cederkäll.

The schedule will also be adjusted at the introdoctory meeting to avoid overlaps with other courses as far as possible.

Part I: Lectures
Week Date / Time Activities Teacher
28.3 13:15-14:00, B113 Introductory Meeting
Course Structure & Scheduling
    13:15-15:00, B113 A Brief Introduction to the Subject J. Cederkäll
  29.3 13:15-15:00, B113 Accelerators and detectors D. Silvermyr
  4.4 13:15-15:00, B113 High Energy - Part 1s D. Silvermyr
  5.4 13:15-15:00, B113 High Energy - Part 2 D. Silvermyr
  11.4 13:15-15:00, B113 ESS - Part 1 D. DiJulio
  12.4 13:15-15:00, B113 High Energy - Part 3 D. Silvermyr
18.4 13:15-15:00, B113 ESS - Part 2 D. DiJulio
  19.4 13.15-15:00, B113 Simulations in theory and practice L. Sarmiento Pico
  25.4 10.15-12:00, B113 Superheavy elements C. Fahlander
  26.4 13:15-15:00, B113 Low energy nuclear physics J. Cederkall
27.4 13:15-15:00, B113 Radioactive beams J. Cederkall
2.5 13:15-15:00, B113 Nuclear physics and fundamental physics J. Cederkall

Part II: Problem Sets
Week Date / Time Problem Set Teacher
25.4 24:00 Hand in High Energy Problems D. Silvermyr
3.5 24:00 Hand in Neutron Science Problems D. DiJulio and Luis Sarmiento Pico
16.5 24:00 Hand Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics Problems J. Cederkall

Part III: Individual projects
Week Date / Time Activities Teacher
2.5 24:00, e-mail Hand in Project Topic Wish List J. Cederkäll
4.5 e-mail Distribute Project Topics All
  Project Work  
  Prepare Presentations  
30.5 24:00 Hand in first version of written report All
5.6 09:15 Hand in final version of report All
5.6 09:15-12:00 Oral Presentations. Room B113 All

The meetings take place in room B113 at the Physis Department (see above) if not otherwise stated.



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